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For almost over 20 years, Amarillo homeowners have discovered and enjoyed the high quality home remodeling and new home construction services of Shane Ward Construction.


For us, it is easy to create a customized and unique property. Tell us what you want and we will create the construction plans. Our team will consult you and fix the details especially when it comes to a residential building. As a home builder, we are eager to assist you with the selection of the construction materials and colors. We want to bring to life your idea of comfort, modern style, room functionality, and lifestyle. We will do everything from the construction of the building to the last decorations. As your trusted contractor we will do all the work precisely as you want them. 

If you look for an efficient and fast home builder, call Shane Ward Construction. Whether it is a small remodeling project or raising a brand new building we are the reliable contractor in Amarillo, Texas you can trust. That is so because every member of our team is qualified and has the necessary knowledge and skill set. We use professional machines in our daily work and a wide set of tools. For every residential construction work, our clients are advised to select quality materials and receive a warranty on labor and materials. 

We will create a construction plan and then the rest of the team will build it for you! Ask us to transform your workspace and we will create the perfect office. Trust us with any remodeling, construction or lead paint abatement project. In no time we will show the world your eye for beauty and exquisite style!  

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